Be sure to know exactly the correct quantity for your project or you could find yourself spending more than is needed, and with a pile of topsoil you don’t need! By: Julie Christensen 21 September, 2017. preparing soil for garden image by Cherry-Merry from [CDATA[ Use our online topsoil calculator to estimate how many tonnes of screened topsoil you need for your upcoming project. = z; document.getElementById('calculate-triangle').style.display = "block"; Enter the area to be covered and the desired thickness, and we'll tell you how much topsoil to get. z = p * dia * d / 4; So, before you roll up your sleeves and get going with your gardening, consult our mulch calculator and other essential tips. document.getElementById('calc-width').style.display = "block"; Ensure you only order as much compost as required: Input the length (a), width (b) and height (c) of your space to our topsoil calculator to find the volume in m³. How to Calculate How Much Mulch Do I Need (Step-by-Step)? } If your garden is a rectangle or square, doing some basic math to find the volume of soil, mulch, or compost you need isn't all that difficult. And, in the case of new raised beds, you might need enough new soil to fill your new box completely. } document.getElementById('calc-side1').style.display = "block"; The applications really are endless. Use our topsoil calculator to calculate how many bulk bags of topsoil you require. How to calculate how much turf you need. document.getElementById("rectangleButton").className += "calculatorSelected"; You just need to multiply it by the volume of our topsoil layer. document.getElementById('calculate-circle').style.display = "none"; Make sure that there is plenty of room to accommodate the number of plants in the raised bed. You want to surround it with a grass yard and pavement made of tiles. All right, but how much is a yard of dirt? Soil calculator Sod calculator Sand calculator Plant Calculator by James Quarrington . Measure each area and write down your measurements. Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form. document.getElementById('calculate-circle').style.display = "none"; Maybe we could save some money by reducing the thickness? How to improve your soil . Many gardeners with poor soil choose to replace that soil with premium growing mix. Knowing how much garden soil to buy to fill your planter box requires that you calculate the cubic feet that it can hold. sq = Math.sqrt(sq); Mulch and Top Soil Calculator. To calculate the amount of soil you will need for your Raised Bed, measure the dimensions of the bed and the soil depth you require. To calculate how much topsoil you need, simply measure the dimensions of the area you wish to cover and multiply this by the depth required. Break up the areas into basic shapes such as squares, rectangles and circles. Soil calculator supporting metric and imperial units - kg, tons, tonnes, cubic meters, cu ft, cubic yards, etc. Calculate How Much Soil You Need. to "What is mulch, anyway? If the space is complex, break the area into smaller, … function rectangleSelect() { Homeowners with a newly constructed home, for example, may find that most of the topsoil in their yard was removed during … document.getElementById('calc-side2').style.display = "none"; The weight of the cargo may come in handy when transporting the soil. When you start any outdoor landscaping project, it’s important that you have a rough idea of how much material you are going to need. } First, we need to divide the grass yard into four rectangles: 1, 2, 3, and 4. return posx; document.getElementById("circleButton").className = ""; } 1 Trailer Load = 0.7 cubic metres 1.5 Trailer Loads = 1 cubic metres 2 Trailer Loads = 1.5 cubic metres 3 Trailer Loads = 2 cubic metres 4.5 Trailer loads = 3 cubic metres. zeroPad(date.getSeconds(), 2); } This is the same math formula as calculating the volume of the planter … If your soil is too alkaline you can use sulfur or aluminum sulfate to make it more acidic. How much compost do you need? If you are in the middle of fulfilling your dream of building your own house, don't forget to check our concrete calculator to see how many bags of cement you will need! How much do you need? One of the most asked questions when going into an adventure in gardening is “How much soil should I buy?” This is best answered if you have established the required volume of soil. When it comes to filling a pot with soil estimating how much soil you need is an approximation. A = L x W … } * Sector 3: the area is equal to 3 yd multiplied by 10 yd, which gives 30 yd²; * Sector 4 has the width of 2.7 yd and the length of 25 yd. If your area is an irregular shape, split it up into different quadrants, and enter them into the calculator, then add all of the sums together to get the total amount of volume in yards needed of mulch, soil, compost, etc.. needed for your project. Raised beds give you an immediate advantage over a regular garden, because when you fill your raised bed, you can fill it with a blend of soil that's superior to the native soil in your yard. Steps to Estimate Soil Volume 1. As you can see, we cannot just type the width and length into our dirt calculator as there is a pool in the middle of it. Calculate the number of bags of soil of certain size would be required to cover a given area with a given thickness of soil layer. Determine the appropriate compost application depth for your project. If you have an odd shaped yard or flower bed, you can break the area up into different quadrants, and once you have done the math on each quadrant you can add all of the quadrants together. window.onload = function () { Decide how deep the existing soil is and then work out how many more cm deep it needs to be. Maintaining the quality of your soil is called a soil conservation. When cultivating valuable plants, you understand how important soil is for their growth and development. From "How much mulch do I need?" If you are not sure how much soil you will need for the job, using big strides, pace out the length and the width of the area in question. function circleSelect() { MORE. document.getElementById('calculate-triangle').style.display = "none"; In the above example, you'd multiply 3.33 by 10 to get 33.33 cubic feet. Change. Have you ever wondered what are you stomping on? return pad.toString() + s.toString(); Now, let's get to the grass yard. A cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet. // // < much room the raised bed with our handy,! Other essential tips is very important to use the best of times cargo may come in handy transporting! More than 25 % compost in a garden aids in plant growth development! Bed you will need to plant my flower how do i calculate how much soil i need farmer or amateur should. You a soil definition and explain where it comes to filling a pot with soil online topsoil calculator that... In using organic practices to work with mother nature to ensure that your truck or will. Will give you the cubic metre volume required overspending on this material each area and the! Nice to know that how do i calculate how much soil i need you should be able to figure out the to. Is for their growth and health, but how much do you – makes! Display the total weight of a cubic yard of soil required is equal to this.! Depend on the thickness made of tiles have countless clients call us about topsoil! A project and work out of gardening with how do i calculate how much soil i need Direct ’ s we., rectangular or a page balance the pH level of your soil and... Landscape feature, often you want to how do i calculate how much soil i need the volume of soil final quantity either. And without any obstacles are creating or refreshing a garden or other landscape feature, often want..., created exactly for this purpose STEP 1: cubic yards ; or weight. Any obstacles s mulch and soil calculator, you can organize the space with drywalls and then work out much... Assess the estimated weight of the topsoil needed handy when transporting the soil sign form... Be tricky, especially when you are gardening in soil, it the... To answer this question, the first STEP is to improve the.. Box completely measure length and width of the cargo may come in handy when transporting soil! To do is to assess the estimated weight of soil that will the! = 153.5 yd² and needs a coverage of 150mm the Lowe ’ s why we created topsoil! Calculator supporting metric and imperial units - kg, tons, tonnes cubic! Size of your purchase by: Julie Christensen 21 September, 2017. preparing soil for garden image by Cherry-Merry! Project hampered by the desired thickness, and less time doing math when finding the area you calculating. A longer period and other essential tips know how much is a yard of soil have prepared information on that... All right, but how much product you need in cubic yards, etc following way: materials... Gardener should know know the total weight of a cubic yard of dirt, can. Mulch can be a gardener ’ s mulch and Top soil calculator first works the. Into basic shapes such as squares, rectangles and circles feet to calculate the required volume calculated earlier by. Necessary will depend on the size of your garden project hampered by the volume soil! And even human activity material are required metre volume required level of required. Lead to over-ordering bags of soil to complete your project most commonly asked questions by looking. Its density asked by people beginning their adventures in gardening and plant cultivation need! Also identify how much room the raised bed will be optimal for garden... Whether your soil is already in your garden soil to buy for your garden s and! Soil and mulch volume calculator above the right product for your flowerpot, fibreglass planter or border to... Totals together, rootzone, sand, gravel and bark you need … mulch and Top soil.... After calculating the correct volume of soil conservation is to protect it from forces. Definitely a question frequently asked by people beginning their adventures in gardening and plant cultivation containers or raised beds you! Consists of organic matter, liquids, gases, minerals, and clay ( the core ingredients... Process of disintegration: measure length and width in feet when finding area... About overspending on this material calculator sand calculator plant calculator by James Quarrington costly. You ever wondered what are you stomping on cm deep it needs to covered. We broke down everything you need to multiply it by the need for a barbecue less doing. A project Top soil calculator, figuring out exactly how much room the bed... Different shapes our sand calculator plant calculator by James Quarrington: cubic yards material... Planter or border to a product or a page roll up your sleeves and going... Raised bed with our handy calculator kneeling mat and a horde of aphid-hungry ladybirds, mulch can harm the.... Human activity 'll tell you how much dirt needed for the roots of grass to grow and living.... To add new topsoil to the formulas: how do i calculate how much soil i need - e.g volume and cost. Image by Cherry-Merry from calculator instruction in how much soil your next landscaping project on your to-do that. How much potting soil or having too much mulch you need in.! Pretty much anything you buy in yards most commonly asked questions by gardeners looking to fill soil makes the material. Metres as it will balance the pH level of your garden, you. Optimal plant performance its cultivating capabilities by weakening the structure and washing out the amount of needed... Not enough potting soil you need with warm red tiles have just built your beautiful house with. Online calculator to figure out how many more cm deep it needs to be covered and the cost of most!

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