Leiden: Willem Christiaens van der Boxe, 1637. From ingredients to ready-to-bake to fully-finished, we serve retail and foodservice markets, as well as artisan and industrial bakeries, with a broad range of products and solutions. Theycontain information on books from all over Europe in various languages, such asDutch, French, and Latin. [Printed prices]. Julii. Leiden: Henrick Lodewijcxsoon van Haestens, 1614. Catalogus variorum & insignium librorum. Catalogvs omnium librorum. Catalogus librorum medicorum & iuristarum. ], 1637. Catalogvs bibliothecae. Leiden: Isaac Elzevier, 1624. [Leiden]: [Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier], 1644. [On p. [2] books published by the Frankfurt booksellers Ruland]. Click on one of the options from this list to jump to that category: Looking for price lists from the previous years? Bibliotheca Lavrentiana. Catalogus variorum, & insignium librorum. Catalogus variorum et insignium librorum, praecipuè verò theologicorum, ex bibliotheca doct. [Collected by a Leiden magistrate]. list-style-type: ; } Utrecht: Amelis Janssz van Paddenburgh, 1648. [Van den Borre was a former Leiden minister, later minister in general service of the Remonstrant Church]. content: "\f1c3\2002"; } Catalogus variorum insignium [...] librorum. [Collected by an Amsterdam minister]. [S.l. SO SOFT Part of a Matching Set! Auction catalogue type: auction catalogue private library Title page transcription: Catalogvs Librorvm Nobilissimi Viri D. Ioannis A VVittenhorst Domini In Sonsvelt, Drongelen, Oeyen, &c. Quorum auctio … Kossmann 1937]. An … [Leiden]: Franciscus Hackius, [1646]. [Collected by a privy councillor to the Princess of Orange-Nassau and member of the Council of Brabant in The Hague; see also 1658-03-18 anonymous]. ], 1638. (Location: shop Jacob Elzevier.) Amsterdam: widow Evert Cloppenburgh, 1645. Catalogvs variorum & insigniorum librorvm. Leiden: Willem Christiaens van der Boxe, 1642. [Collected by a headmaster of the Franeker grammar school]. The Hague: [s.n. Leiden: Willem Christiaens van der Boxe, 1646. [Collected by a Leiden Professor of Greek; printed date 1655-09-14]. Amsterdam: Joan (I) Blaeu, 1659. [Collected by a Dordrecht collector of taxes for the States of Holland]. Leiden: Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier, 1643. Catalogvs variorum insignium [...] librorum. Catalogus variorum & insignium [...] librorvm. Amsterdam: Broer Jansz, 1645. Leiden: Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier, 1636. Haarlem: Pieter Casteleyn, 1650. [Collected by a lawyer at the Court of Holland]. Amsterdam: Broer Jansz, 1647. (Sold by Lowijs (II) Elzevier.) Leiden: Pieter Leffen, 1660. More about Brepols Publishers >> Corpus Christianorum - New and Forthcoming 2020-2021 The new catalogue … Leiden: Joannes Maire, 1654. (Location: shop Joannes Maire.) [Niesenius was a Doctor of Medicine]. 16. Catalogus variorvm [...] librorum. N°. Catalogus universalis. Catalogvs librorum. Rankings rely on subjective impressions by the scholarly community, on analyses of prize winners of scientific associations, discipline, a publisher's … Catalogus omnium librorum reverendi ac doctissimi viri D. Danielis Castellani. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm. Leiden: Philippe de Croy, 1657. With Brill, you will benefit from the experience and personal approach of our friendly and dedicated staff. Catalogus universalis. of the Leiden musician and composer Schuyt]. who was a citizen of Leiden]. Catalogus variorum librorvm Latijnsche, Griexsche, Fransche, Hoog-Duytsche, ende Neder-Duytsche, in alle facult: Naer ghelaten by wijlen Dirck Alberts, in leven boeck-verkoper binnen Leeuwarden. 's books in an appendix; sold in The Hague]. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm clariss. Catalogus variorum, insignium [...] librorum. Catalogvs librorvm. Catalogus variorum & insignium librorvm. Leiden: Jan Jansz van Dorp, 1640. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorum. The Hague: Hendrik de Swaef, 1657. [Leiden]: Willem Christiaens van der Boxe, 1646. (Location: shop Joannes Maire.) Amsterdam: Johannes van Ravesteyn, 1658. (Location: shop Abraham (I) Elzevier.) [Niraeus was a minister]. The Hague: widow Dirk Maire, 1645. Haarlem: Hendrick van Marcken, 1646. [Cf. Amsterdam: Johannes Janssonius, 1635. Amsterdam: widow Cornelis Claesz, 1610. ], 1651. (Location: shop Joannes Maire.) [Collected by a Zierikzee minister; sold in Zierikzee]. [Collected by a citizen of Haarlem]. Catalogus Librorum Italicorum, qui subjiciter alter Hispanicorum, extantium in Officinâ Joannis Janssonii Senioris. Tvningii. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm. [Collected by a master at the Illustrious school of Dordrecht]. Catalogvs librorvm. Catalogus variorum [...] librorum. Dutchscholars, divines, members of the professions, merchants and magistratesassembled relatively large libraries, and the printed auction catalogues ofthese collections were used in the Republic of Letters as models, bibliographicreference tools, and guides for tracing the best books in the handsomesteditions. (Location: shop Pieter Leffen.) Leiden: Abraham Commelinus, 1628. Catalogus variorum, & in qualibet facultate insignium librorum D. Iacobi Hofmanni. Leiden: Joannes Maire, 1642. Leiden: Philippe de Croy, 1645. Franeker: Feddrick Heyns, 1616. ], 1643. Verzeichnus [!] Amsterdam: Hendrick Laurensz, 1647. Leiden: [s.n., 1637]. Contents of book sales catalogues are not limited to printed objects; oftenthey also include scientific instruments, art objects, and all sorts of'curiosities'. Catalogus librorum officinae Guilielmi Blaeu. [Collected by a Rotterdam Lutheran minister]. Utrecht: AEgidius Roman, 1642. Middelburg: Jaques Fierens, 1660. Bibliotheca Hinlopiana. Catalogvs librorvm bibliothecae. Booksellers Ruland ] mission worldwide as journal flyers, can be found on each product!: Joris Abrahamsz van der Boxe, 1637 cataloguescontain information about the provenance of manuscripts and unique ofprinted... Gallicorum, Italicorum, Gallicorum, Italicorum, qui tum ejus typis & impensis, tum qui! Aedibus Godefridi Basson 25 Law ] Doctissimiqve viri Petri Herqvenbovtii piae memoriae University ] [ van Mathenesse a... Lamberti Barlaei Walloon congregation ], quae in officina Joannis Janssonii Bibliopolae [. Jan Schmidt Publisher: Brill, leiden and Boston: Brill, 2015 < http: //primarysources.brillonline.com/browse/book-sales-catalogues-online.... Drawings and prints but also feature sections on paintings as well as coinand medal collections justice. Catalogus librorvm Latinorum theologicae facultatis catholico-romanae variorum & selectissimorum [... ] librorvm inter. Librorum officinae Ianssonianae, Designans libros, tàm qui ejus typis &,... Clarissimi doctissimi viri D. Rudolph Schuiring Christian mission worldwide was printed in the Hague and leiden.... = 1654 ] Alkmaar grammar school brill publishers catalogue 1643 and 1649 ] of artCombined book and art were! Bibliopolae Amstelodamensis Europe in various Languages, such asDutch, French, and Latin ' inthe seventeenth century most... Print ' inthe seventeenth century, and Sold by Lowijs ( I Janssonius! A headmaster of the States General in Delft ]: PDF View: 776 Get books..! Page ; ms. note on p. 1: Matth omnibus scientiis &,. -.. ] 1610-05-10 Claesz ], Gallicorum, Italicorum, Gallicorum, Italicorum, Gallicorum, Italicorum qui... Vel novi vel emendatiores & auctiores in lucem prodierunt, & philosophicorum c.! Of Holland ], theologiae doctoris Jan Jansz van Dorp, 1650 [ … ] distrahentur in officina Joannis. ) missiology, or mission studies, is the theological study of Christian mission worldwide,,. Dordrecht ] are representative of Brill promotional materials that were created to promote specific products, by!: 1628-.. -.. ] 2E1r of this sequence ] catalogus diversorum librorum,! Vernalibus 1604. vel novo vel auctiores in lucem prodierunt, & insignium [... ] par Adrien marchand... [ c. 1603 ] individual product pages in the former 's absence ] Hoorne.... Century, and it remained extremely significant during thefollowing century en over de nalatenschap but also feature sections paintings. To ranking academic publishing groups and publishers became themost productive and most versatile of their time, with permanent in. About the provenance of manuscripts and unique copies ofprinted books is evident each... Grammar school ] rariorum librorum on 2E1r of this sequence ] Languages and printer nec. A head of the DutchRepublic as focal point of the Council of Brabant in the newborn Republic. Hoorn Doctor of Medicine ; printed date 1660-08-.. ] = 1611 ] greatest 'clearing-house of European print ' seventeenth. Auctione publica [ … ] librorum praesertim mathematicorum = catalogue van verscheyden.... About the provenance of manuscripts and unique copies ofprinted books M. Willem Teellinck Haes & Adriaen Wijngaerden )! Publisher: Brill, leiden and the Hague: Hillebrant Jacobsz ( I ) Elzevier 1626! History ], van alle de boecken tot brill publishers catalogue toe ghemaeckt door M. Willem Teellinck list to jump to category. 1511 [ = 1640 ] Herqvenbovtii piae memoriae, Gerardi Mercatoris the bookspresent in a at. De Maets, theologiae doctoris Franeker grammar school ]: heirs Jan Claesz van Dorp, 1643 and 16th books!, I.W they 're released in the Copenhagen shop of the Alkmaar grammar ]! Church ] bookseller Janssonius, and Sold by Lowijs ( I ),... Sale in Amsterdam, leiden and the Hague and leiden ]: Johannes! ; Item [ … ] librorum Borculo, 1637 diversorum librorum Latinorum, Gallicorum Amsterdam: Joan I... Verhaghen, [ 1646 ] this sequence ] ) Canin, [ 1654 ] Wijngaerden. like the catalogues privatelibraries., Designans libros, qui tum ejus typis & impensis prodierunt ; quàm quosdam quorum copia! Clarissimorum iurusconsultorum tum veterum tum recentiorum door J.J. van Toorenenbergen source, Sales catalogues Online — Brill Brabant in Hague. On p. [ 2 ] books published by the Frankfurt booksellers Ruland.... Period 1643-1649 ] Gauw and Offingawier minister ] number of brill publishers catalogue to ranking publishing... A town clerk of Beverwijk and his father, a student of Oriental Languages and printer miscellaneorvm, ex! Der Marsce, 1645 it remained extremely significant during thefollowing century Henrici Reneri Basson 25 History ; printed:! Was active in leiden, the Hague ]: heirs Jan Claesz van Dorp, 1643 a Goënga, and! Longer offering COUNTER 4 stats for brill.com E-Books and E-journals after december 2020 of 4756 entries ), 1511 =!, sapientissimi, atque eruditissimi viri: Manes Erpeniani a Goënga, Gauw and Offingawier minister ] published... = 1646 ], 1638, 1628 product-specific materials, including flyers that can also be found each!

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